REIA & Event Promotional Materials

Promotional Plan

How to Use
This document is he foundation of how to promote and put on a top event.   We recommend scheduling an appointment with Andy to review the suggestions, and discuss which might fit well in your organization.

Promotional Emails

How to Use
These 3 emails are excellent to create curiosity and interest in attending upcoming events. It is recommended to review each and customize for each organization to have maximum impact.

Articles for Promo

How to Use
These articles have been written to create some advance buzz. Feel free to post online and/or send in newsletters preceding the event. Highly recommend including a preregistration link at the conclusion of each article.

Popular Webinar & Event Titles

How to Use
Some ideas for event titles and subtitles.

Call to Action

How to Use
Used by some organizations. A simple teaser that can work when sent via email, slack, or text. It is recommended to insert a registration link at the end.

Possible Questions Before Event

How to Use
When offering an advance Q&A Session where REIA members do not have an opportunity to ask questions, these are some excellent questions a moderator can use to spark interest in advance registration.


    10 Ways to Buy Low
    This e-book that is sold on our site for $29.95 can be offered for free as an inducement to advance register for the full-day workshop.