Regular Riches Guarantee – Conditional ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee

I understand that I have One year to implement the Regular Riches system.  If I do not make at least $25,000 back in cash or equity within One year from the date of purchase, I may return my home study courses and software to Regular Riches.  Follow the return procedures noted for the 1st guarantee as posted in the online store. Please include a copy of this form.  This is an exceptional guarantee offered by Regular Riches and is not commonly offered by other education companies.  As a result, on my part, I agree that to be eligible for this conditional refund I can show and submit with my return all of the 3 below noted proofs of genuine effort and action:

1.     A printed copy of minimum 10 offers made on Regular Riches Offer to Purchase Contracts, and 10 different Regular Riches cover letters that accompanied these offers.

2.     Receipt and copy of ad you ran in your local newspaper or website on at minimum one lease/purchase.

3.     Copies of minimum two applications you received from prospective lease/purchasers

As noted above, this is an EXCEPTIONAL guarantee, and is truly a partnership.  Regular Riches is willing to guarantee our materials and your success for an exceptional length, and we ask only your honesty that you were motivated to succeed, and you gave the courses and the system your full and total dedication. As a result, this conditional guarantee is tied to an honest effort to go through the materials and implement the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High investment model.

To receive this refund, I will first notify of my intention to use the Conditional One Year Guarantee.  I will await acknowledgement before returning any course material.

Please be sure to include a business card or write neatly your return contact information.

I understand that I will receive confidential information. I will not reproduce these licensed and copyrighted materials nor lend, rent, or sell them to anyone to remain in compliance with the federal and state copyright and trademark laws.

Please allow 30 days to process your rebate

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