Investing Like Rich People Do


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Making the decision to invest in real estate as a means to achieve financial security places the investor in a very distinguished club. You are taking a step many others have thought about, yet for whatever reason have not proceeded. This alone is worthy of accolades.

Is it possible however to measurably improve an investor’s returns without purchasing additional properties? In this fascinating product Andy and Scott with the help of guest experts share the strategies used by the best of the best investors to maximize returns by purchasing a far greater number of properties when discounts are maximized during real estate down-cycles. Some of the highlights
that students will learn:

  • How to plan for the next down cycle to be one of the select investors ready to buy dozens or
    hundreds, while other investors are sidelined?
  • Understanding how the real estate market reacts to recessionary times with a deep-dive analysis
    of the Great Recession and the resulting generational opportunity for real estate investors
  • When REOs spike during down cycles, what are the varied vehicles for purchasing REOs?
  • What are the additional strategies for funding higher volumes of purchases during down cycles?
  • How to find top-tier Expert Real Estate Agents that know how to elevate investors during
    down cycles?
  • Building your real estate investing team in preparation for a down cycle
  • Growing your cash in preparation for spikes in buying

As an added bonus celebrating the start of Andy and Scott’s 4th decade of investing together and 3 rd decade teaching the Regular Riches model to thousands of students, Andy and Scott highlight how the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High model has evolved over the years, both in sourcing REOs as well as lease/purchasing.