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Full Day Seminar
Coming in March 2024

Andy Heller has been buying, renting, and selling real estate for 30+ years. The BLRSSH strategy was recommended by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 5 recommended strategies for real estate investors. 


How to use this product

This product is a live recorded seminar coming in March. You now can take this seminar in the comfort of your own home. We recommend pretending you are seated in the audience taking this seminar that covers the Fortune Magazine recommended investment strategy Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High investment strategy.

You will notice during the seminar Andy divides the class into working teams during select exercises. During live seminars, teams discuss the exercises together and try to reach a conclusion. If you invest with a partner or significant other, and you can arrange to work through the seminar together, you can recreate the team feeling that live participants have.

Another great benefit of this product is that it captures participants’ questions… many of the same questions that you yourself might ask if you too were seated in the audience at the live seminar.

Scott, Andy, and the entire Regular Riches team hope this product and others can help you all to achieve what we affectionately call REGULAR RICHES. Good luck with all your investments.

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