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The Regular People’s Guide to Real Estate Riches
by Andy Heller (Author), Scott Frank (Author)

Scott Frank and Andy Heller have been buying investment real estate for a combined 40 years. In Buy Even Lower, learn how they consistently buy these properties for the ?right investor price?. Additionally, they show you that ?buying even lower? is about more than simply saving money. It is also about saving time and energy, so that you have more of it for your friends, family and other interests and so that you are positioned to live a full and wonderful life?what they refer to as Regular Riches®. In Buy Even Lower, they reveal their Six Golden Keys:

1. Determine Your Minimum Investor Discount – how much discount do you need to make your purchase a good investment? Learn how different discounts are needed for different investment strategies. Find out what discount works best for yours.

2. Know What Good Properties Look Like ? how do you choose between the multitude of property choices: single family houses, duplexes, condominiums, vacation properties, apartment buildings, office buildings, strip centers and much more? Learn the pros and cons for each. Find out which best fits your investment strategy.

3. Find Good Properties ? what is the best way to find the best deals? Which ones make the best use of my money, time, and energy? Learn about ten of the most prevalent methods to find discount property. Find out which ones will work best for you.

4. Calculate Maximum Purchase Prices ? how do you determine the exact top price you should pay to make your purchase a good investment? Learn Scott and Andy?s secret formula for calculating your Maximum Purchase Price. Never overpay again.

5. Make Solid Offers ? what is the best way to position yourself for a successful negotiation? What contract provisions do I need? Learn Scott and Andy?s special techniques that position you to buy at or below your Maximum Purchase Price. Never lose sleep again worrying whether your contract provisions properly protect your interest.

6. Negotiate Like a Chess Master ? how do I negotiate a good deal? Learn Scott and Andy?s secret strategies for closing winning purchases ? time and time again.