Promotional Materials

Promo Ideas

Advance Q&A session – in advance of Andy’s scheduled event, participating remotely via Zoom or other for 30-60 minutes at a monthly meeting 1-2 months before is very helpful in creating early buzz.
Many people's schedules fill up, and this advanced session can accomplish 3 things:

• Get some early registrations for the coming workshop
• Have REIA members circle the upcoming date(s) on their calendars, so they have no conflicts
• Some who might ignore email announcements and otherwise skip
• Andy’s meeting decide to attend specifically due to the advanced session.

“Grill the Guru” – the weekly meeting traditional speaker's 90-minute presentation is a “one-way conversation” with the speaker talking to the REIA attendees.
For REIA’s that can adjust their traditional schedules and (for example) pull out an earlier session say 6:00 – 6:45 or 6:15 – 6:45 for Q&A, this can drive sales and attendance as follows:

• Weeknight-only meeting (no Saturday):  This “Grill the Guru” session drives home to REIA attendees that the speaker is knowledgeable and can give the peace of mind that the course will provide answers just as Andy did during this short segment.
• Weeknight followed by Saturday workshop:  The “Grill the Guru” session provides attendees with a taste of the Saturday format that invites questions and helps to drive registrations to Saturday specifically with those who have an existing conflict.

Special recorded Q&A – If a time slot cannot be cut out from a previous REIA meeting, Andy is willing to offer a bonus Q&A to promote the upcoming meeting. Formats can include Andy and REIA members or Andy and REIA key contact working off of canned questions, with the session recorded and blasted out to all members to promote advance registration.

Our original book:
Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High: Real Estate Investing for the Long Run Paperback

by Andy Heller (Author), Scott Frank (Author)

Our follow up book:
Buy Even Lower Paperback

by Andy Heller (Author), Scott Frank (Author)